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Even though gambling and lotteries have become part of our daily life they are not neccessarily harmless. As a result there is an actual demand to create a legal framework for gambling and lotteries as well as to develop new gaming products that do not meet only the interests of organizers, but are also less risky for gamblers. This demand will rise in the future.
Therefore, responsible actions have to be taken by organizers, gamblers and the government. You will find further information in the → publications of Martin Reeckmann.

→ Martin Reeckmann offers support and advice in the following areas:

   .  Addiction to gambling
   .  Protection of children and young persons
   .  Safety of gambling operation
   .  How to gain or keep an official licence in the field of lotteries and casinos
   .  Taxes conerning lotteries, gambling and casinos
   .  Litigation and mediation
   .  Creation of gaming and lottery products that meet all legal demands in Germany
   .  Review of contracts

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